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Team Tehyathon Athletes - The Heart and Soul of Tehyathon

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We are honored to be surrounded by our incredible Team Tehyathon athletes. Each member, so devoted to this charity, dedicates a massive amount of time each week to be in the best possible health for their events. They are family men and women who put in a full day's work in their chosen career fields, yet still find the energy to spend several hours of training each week.

Each of their families also feel their absence when they are on 100 mile bike rides for their extensive training programs - yet they constantly support their loved ones and they wouldn't have it any other way. That's why it's equally important that we recognize their spouses and children, all of whom make huge sacrifices in order to keep things running smoothly when their athlete is training.

Team Tehyathon athletes are determined, focused, and dedicated. They are remarkable role models and examples of how to have a happy, healthy and balanced lifestyle. Amazing athletes, shining examples, and the most compassionate souls. To be a Tehyathon Athlete is to live an authentic life of selfless service to others.

Thank you, Team Tehyathon for your constant love and dedication.

If you are interested in becoming a Team Tehyathon athlete, we are interested in having you. Please contact us for detailed information on our athlete requirements.

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