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Martin Reisert Name 2013 California Teacher of the Year

A Man of Great Character

2012 - Oak Valley Teacher of the Year
2012-2013 - PUSD Teacher of the Year
2012-2013 - San Diego County Teacher of the Year
2013 - California Teacher of the Yea

Please join us as we honor our dearest friend, our Vice President, and the Co-Founder of Tehyathon, Martin Reisert.

Out of 316,299 public school teachers in the State of California, Martin Reisert is only one of five teachers to be named a 2013 California Teacher of the Year. He will travel to Sacramento for orientation, and over the year he will serve as an ambassador for public education. He will go on to compete for the title of 2013 National Teacher of the Year.

He is a six-grade, multiple subject teacher at Oak Valley Middle School. Reisert holds a Master of Science degree in education-elementary education, and he received his Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from Dowling College in New York.

"I have based the core of my teaching philosophy on these four words, 'I Believe in You.' When children know I believe in them, learning occurs and they begin to believe in themselves."





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As Tehya's 6th and 7th grade teacher, Martin helped her to realize her strength in math and she excelled in his classes. Tehya says, "Mr. Reisert's class was the first class where we learned about current events and I liked it because for the first time I became globally aware."

She continues, "He also did a lot to teach our school about recycling and taking care of the environment. What we do or don't do to our earth has a great impact on so many things that we depend on to sustain life. Each one of us can do good or harm to the environment, so we have to be aware of how our actions affect our surroundings"

History class is interactive and fun because many of the countries they learned about are places that Martin visited himself. This valuable insight into the traditions, food, and culture of other countries makes his teaching come alive to all students.

He's traveled to many countries during his summer vacations, and to listen to the history of an ancient city is quite interesting. But to listen to a personal story from a teacher who has actually been to that city, walked the streets, met the people, and engaged in their culture, makes for memorable teaching moments. Martin could easily teach about the wonderful culture of India, but to tell stories of his travels and show a photograph of himself with a family that embraced him, enriches the imaginations of his students, and no doubt fills them with their own desire to one day travel and experience the world.

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