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The Inspiration Behind Tehyathon

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On Sunday, April 13, 2008, Martin Reisert competed in the Arizona Ironman® Triathlon. He dedicated his first full Ironman® race to Tehya in an effort to inspire her while she was recovering from her latest Spinal Cord operation.

This small, personal gesture turned into a community event, and "Martin's Mission" was the very first Tehyathon inspired event.

Martin's motto was, "He runs for her until she can run again."

Today, Team Tehyathon athletes still swim, bike and run by this mantra, and the spirit of Tehyathon is never far from their hearts and minds as they train long hours month after month.

Martin's Mission fundraised for Tehya's charity of choice - Shriner's Hospital for Children in Honolulu, Hawaii.


Martin called Tehya "His Inspiration" while he was training, but because of his dedication and spirit, Tehya was able to return to school the following year! Thank you Martin, for your love and friendship

Tehya was born into the Shriner’s family of care and Tehya’s parents were empowered by the nurses and doctors at Shriners to become Parent Advocates. The Shriner's staff encouraged them to educate themselves about Tehya’s condition and they were instrumental in establishing a high baseline of care for Tehya that continues today.

Shriner's Hospitals for Children continues to care for children with special medical needs - all at no cost to their families.


finish line

One of Martin's happiest moments was crossing the finish line hand-in-hand
with Tehya after competing for 13 hours, 59 minutes and 13 seconds!


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