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Board of Directors

Tony Foussat - Chairman of the Board
Tony spends his days doing archaeological work and enjoys Triathlon training in the evening and on weekends. He is a devoted father and loving husband.

Tony is very committed and involved in every aspect of his child's medical care and educational needs. His training has been extremely beneficial for his own health and well-being.

Martin Reisert - Vice President and Co-Founder
martinBeloved middle school teacher, Tri-Athlete and Tennis Pro. Martin was inspired by Tehya’s tenacity and he asked to dedicate his first Ironman Triathlon competition to her in honor of the “marathon” that she runs everyday". That was the day that Tehyathon was born! Martin was named the 2012 California Teacher of the Year and we couldn't be happier for him and his well-deserved success in his career.

He and his wife Heidi welcome their very first baby boy named Jack. We look forward to watching our Tehyathon family grow in love.

Susan Bantz - Treasurer & Director of Youth Group
susanSusan was a remarkable athlete in her youth and competed in gymnastics throughout her college years. As the CEO of a major corporation, Susan’s upper-level management experience is a valuable asset to Tehyathon.

She's an enthusiastic team player, and we are certain that her professional advice and guidance will help to make Tehyathon's goals and visions a reality.


Christine Foussat - President
christineChristine has organized online groups of Spina Bifida families with children who battle this birth condition and its multiple, medical challenges: which by themselves are very serious.

She's logged hours of research into these debilitating neurologic & orthopedic medical conditions during her struggles to find urgent care for her own child.

Christine is determined and steadfast in her fight to ensure Tehya has every opportunity to live an exciting life filled with rich experiences.

Diane Lamb - Secretary
dianeDiane is very active in her community and she has made a huge difference in the lives of the many children she has provided services to over the last decade. Because of her experience with youth related activities, she has many resources in the community.

She has a wealth of resources for fundraising programs, and we are certain that we will be successful in our endeavors because of Diane's knowledge and dedication.

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