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Tehyathon in the Community

Although Tehyathon, Inc. is a non-profit organization we, realize that it is our responsibility to support and serve other organizations and to "give back" with our time and efforts.

Our Board of Directors and volunteers are happy to volunteer their time in our community and we look forward to participating in many more events.

Tehya is a Make A Wish kid, and has been invited to speak at several functions on behalf of the Make A Wish Foundation of San Diego. It is an honor for Tehya to be chosen to represent such a wonderful organization that helps make the dreams of so many children come true. Her wish is still in the making, but through the opportunities provided by these events, Tehya is meeting wonderful people in the community that are eager to help her fulfill her Tehyathon mission.


Our first event was for the Ronald McDonald House where we participated in their "Cook it Up" program.

Our Tehyathon Board Members and Volunteers brought a homemade meal to the house and served it to the residents who had children that were hospitalized at Children's Hospital. Click on the link below to learn more about this event, and if you have an extra four hours to serve your community, please think about volunteering your time at your nearest Ronald McDonald House!

Click here to read about our volunteer day and see our Tehyathon Board Members after they "Cooked It Up" for Ronald McDonald House Residents.


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