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Make A Wish San Diego Foundation

Make A Wish



Tehyathon would like to express our deepest gratitude to our friends at Make A Wish, San Diego Foundation. They have been instrumental in making sure that they develop Tehya's wish so that it will have the best possible outcome!

Because of the scope of her wish, and the many organizations involved, Make A Wish is giving Tehyathon much needed exposure. During these past few months, Tehya has had the opportunity to meet to some incredible people and participate in exciting and inspirational events.

She has been asked to speak or represent Make A Wish on some pretty exciting occasions, including time spent with The Jr. Charger Girls, The Poinsettia Bowl Festivities, Feeding the Soul, and of course, Outreach Through Dance.

We are looking forward to working with Make A Wish to create the first Tehyathon Celebration this coming Spring.

Thank you,our dear friends at Make A Wish, for believing in Tehya and her dream to grow Tehyathon so she can continue her service to those in need.

Make A Wish San Diego Foundation
Chris Sichel, President and CEO
Suzanne Husby, Vice President, Program Services
Alex Cano, Community Development Manager
Sue Sullivan - Volunteer, Wish Granter

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